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Undergraduate Students

webKditl044The Early Learning Center for Research and Practice has three primary missions:

• To promote observation, participation, and research activities of the Department of Child and Family Studies and other university faculty and students

• To prepare undergraduate and graduate child development and early childhood education professionals for learning about and teaching young children

• To provide a model early childhood education program for children, families, and early childhood professionals

Families who enroll their children in our programs do so with the understanding that their children will be observed, videotaped, and photographed for purposes of education and study, and that, from time to time, they will be asked to consent to their child’s and/or family’s participation in specific research projects.

Undergraduate Programs in Child and Family Studies

The classrooms provide early education settings in which undergraduates participate in observational and practicum learning experiences during their course of study. The department’s major is designed for students whose educational and career goals are focused on studying and working with children and families within educational programs, community services, and other professional settings. The major is designed to accommodate the special interests or strengths of students.

For more information about undergraduate programs in Child and Family Studies at UT, please visit their website.

What about students from other majors?

Participation in our Early Learning Center for Research and Practice classrooms is a designed component for some CFS majors. However, we also encourage students and faculty from other degree programs to feel free to contact us with ideas concerning ELC-based learning experiences for non-CFS majors. Also, we are always looking for student educators to work at the ELC. If you are interested in working at the ELC as a student educator, please let us know!