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The preschool classrooms operate on a mixed-age model, enrolling children from three to five years of age. Preschool classrooms are open Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and operate year-round, with enrollment occurring in August of each year.

East Preschool (White Avenue)

“In preschool, we are constantly working to develop social emotional and problem-solving skills. We approach social problem solving daily in our conversations with the children and use guidance techniques to help the children begin to work through these types of situations independently. Through this process we see the children’s confidence, vocabulary, empathy, and ability to express their needs and desires grow exponentially.” —Katie & Olivia

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Jessi Frazier-Rhodes, Demonstration Teacher  Assistant Teacher

West Preschool (White Avenue)

“The Westsiders are very creative, competent, active, and curious children who love to interact with their surroundings. We are exploring ways to take our learning outdoors, so you will often observe the children greeting our daily outdoor learning experiences with joy and enthusiasm. Each day offers new challenges and chances for conversations and explorations about the world as they discover new, intriguing things. The children bring such a sense of wonder and excitement to everything that happens throughout our classroom life as they are partners with the teachers to construct authentic experiences each day.” —Kathryn Humber

Sarah Neessen, Demonstration Teacher Erin Keck, Assistant Teacher


Maple Preschool (Lake Avenue)

“In the Maple classroom we believe in a strong community. We believe that everyone has unique and special gifts to offer. We utilize these gifts as we work together to support our classroom and school community. We encourage respect and tolerance for ourselves as well as the people and world around us.

The Maple classroom curriculum offers opportunities for inquiry as we explore, reflect and collaborate about topics of interests. Our classroom is made up of…

  • Scientists who create hypothesis and use problem-solving skills to test theories;
  • Naturalists who show respect for the world around us as we investigate insects, participate in gardening opportunities and collect items such as cicada skins, snail shells and acorns;
  • Explorers who seek adventure as we navigate areas around our school such as “Mountain Hill;”
  • Constructors who use a variety of loose parts as well as open-ended and natural materials to create habitats, landscapes, costumes, and props for dramatic play;
  • Heroes who invest in role-playing opportunities related to the characters they know and love as well as characters they create in their imagination; and
  • Authors and storytellers who allow their creative and artistic expressions to be represented through text and drawings.” —Tracy & Kim
Tracy Lee, Demonstration Teacher Kim Goodell, Assistant Teacher