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Get on the Waiting List

To be placed on our waiting list, fill out the program application and submit the $30 application fee payment online by clicking here. Openings in the early education programs predictably occur during the summer months as our five-year-old children leave for kindergarten. During the school year, openings occur only when a child exits the program.

In making admissions decisions, we strive to achieve a diverse representation of children and families. In doing so, we consider balancing the composition of classrooms according to many factors including, but not limited to: age, gender, race, family structure, and abilities. In addition to these factors, priority is given to families with a child already enrolled at the ELC, and to UT faculty, staff, and students.

If we are able to send you an enrollment offer, a program deposit, equal to one month’s tuition amount, is required to secure the spot for the child. This deposit is nonrefundable if the child does not actually enroll. For program participants, the deposit is applied to the last month’s payment or is refundable upon exiting the program providing all fees are paid in full. Upon receipt of the deposit, the director contacts the parent(s) to schedule an enrollment conference. Policies and required paperwork will be discussed.

During the enrollment conference, a schedule of transition visits and a plan for settling the child into the program will be made. Parents are expected to be available during the first days (or weeks) of a child’s enrollment to assist with the settling-in process. Teachers and parents will confer regularly about how this process/adjustment is proceeding.

Important Information for Our Applicants

ELC Applicant Families:

In looking toward fall enrollment and the large numbers of families that have applied for our limited number of fall openings, we want to clarify the unique enrollment process that serves our mission as a laboratory school.

Our Obligations

  • To provide diverse classroom populations in support of our mission to train pre-service teachers and early childhood professionals
  • To facilitate the research needs of university faculty and students
  • To create rich social learning contexts for young children

To meet these obligations, we carefully consider each applicant in an attempt to provide a range of ages and abilities within each room, to secure a close balance of gender, and to embrace diversity in many forms.

Our Commitment

We support the enrollment of a sibling (brother or sister of a child or children already enrolled in the ELC) when the sibling’s enrollment can uphold our obligations as mentioned above. We can offer no guarantee that sibling or university-affiliated families will get in as soon as hoped—particularly in our infant and young toddler classrooms—due to the high demand of these programs and our responsibility to assemble diverse learning laboratories for young children, students, and faculty.

We feel confident that most families will be offered placement in the ELC program during or before the preschool years. As we begin to make enrollment decisions, we will do our best to communicate clearly and efficiently with you. Families receiving offers will be given a limited timeframe to accept or decline, and reassessment and new offers will be extended as needed until classroom spots are filled. It is our great desire to offer exemplary early education services to your child and family in the near future.

Current Tuition Information 

Program: Monthly Tuition: Annual Materials Fee: Program Deposit Amount:
Infants $985 $250 $985
Toddlers $875 $250 $875
Preschool $810 $250 $810
Kindergarten $800 (additional $200 for Aftercare) $250 $800

Tuition payments for children are based on the current fee payment schedule listed above. The scale may change according to the funding needs of the Early Learning Center programs.

Tuition Discounts: The only tuition discount we offer to families is a 10% discount for the oldest child’s tuition if siblings are enrolled at the same time.

Deposits: All families must make a deposit payment of one month’s tuition within twenty-four hours of accepting an offer of enrollment. Upon payment of deposit, families have an additional twenty-four hours to review the Parent Handbook and finalize their decision. At the end of this twenty-four-hour period, the deposit is nonrefundable. The deposit is applied to the final balance of the account upon departure from the program providing all fee payments are current and adequate (sixty day) written notice is given. No additional deposit will be required if a second child from one of our current families is enrolled. The first deposit will simply be held in our account until the last child exits the program. The kindergarten program requires a separate $800.00 deposit.

Billing and Payment of Tuition: All accounts must be kept current. Parents will be billed each month for the following month’s tuition. If no payment is made by the end of the business day on the tenth (or before, if it falls on a weekend or holiday) of the month, a late fee will be assessed to your account. Checks should be made payable to the University of Tennessee, and your child’s name and purpose of payment should be noted on the memo line.  If your account is not completely paid by the last business day of each month, your child may not be allowed to return to the center. Any accounts that are past due will be collected according to the university policy, which may result in the garnishment of wages, holding of student records (if applicable), and/or involvement of a collection agency. If a financial hardship arises, please contact the ELC business office or director to make payment arrangements.

Have Questions? Contact Us or visit our FAQ page!