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Food Program

Food Philosophy: What Our Children Deserve


  • To eat wholesome, nutritious foods
    • Simple components, whole foods as much as possible
    • Focus on whole grains; minimize simple sugars
    • Made from scratch rather than premade, processed products
    • Emphasize proteins for morning snack and lunch for lasting energy
  • To facilitate lasting, healthy relationships with foods
    • Plenty of chances to experience new tastes and foods
    • Family style meals that allow children to determine what is plated
    • Teacher as an appropriate role model, willing to try new things
    • Teacher strategies that encourage food relationships without trickery
  • To see mealtimes as pleasant, socially rich experiences
    • Children gathering together to share meals in a relaxed timeframe
    • Teacher and children conversing about events and happenings
    • Children asking for food to be passed to them, and passing to others
    • Children remaining in conversation at the table as long as desired
  • To develop awareness and competence as citizens of a community
    • Gardening opportunities help children understand where food originates
    • Curriculum experiences encourage children to explore food as fuel
    • Family-style serving facilitates confidence in self-help skills
    • Children participating in lunch set-up, serving, and clearing responsibilities develop an awareness of helping themselves and others
    • Green practices: participating in composting, using real, non-disposable materials