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Holiday Resources: Honesty, Diversity, and Expectations

Fall and winter holidays are likely going to be different for many of us this year in response to the ongoing pandemic. We have collected a few resources for parents and caregivers to consider as the holiday season begins. We hope you all are staying well and celebrating in ways that are meaningful to you and yours.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Thanksgiving

By Sara Langer via

The story of Thanksgiving has historically been presented to children in schools as a happy story of two groups coming together to share a meal and celebrate their friendship. Many of us can probably remember making a headdress or pilgrim attire out of construction paper and then feasting with our classmates. Unfortunately, this is a highly sanitized version of the first Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for suggestions about how to talk about Thanksgiving with children from a more historically accurate place, this article has some great tips.


Holidays Minus the Madness 

By ELC Associate Director, Elizabeth DeMartino Newton

This article is a favorite of ours for this time of year! Elizabeth offers tips to help navigate what can be a taxing time of year for everyone, including children. Please note that this article was written prior to the pandemic, so while your celebrations and holiday season might be a little less hectic than usual this year, there are still some great tips to consider.


Kids Need Holiday Traditions—No Matter How Untraditional This Year Is


A quote from the article from our own director, Robyn Brookshire reads, “Rituals and traditions help children build their own sense of identity and give them a secure base from which to learn and grow.” She also discusses how important it is for families to maintain their traditions. “Traditions are especially important during difficult times, and it is especially significant for children who may experience stereotypes about their family’s cultural or racial identities, so they can develop a strong sense of their identity and value through their family-based rituals and traditions,” Robyn says. The article explores the importance of traditions for children, even in this wild year we find ourselves in.


Raising Families Diversity

Featuring Debbie LeeKeenan via Sommerville City TV

This video featuring anti-bias education advocate Debbie LeeKeenan suggests offering children windows and mirrors with which to explore their own identities as well as the cultures and identities of others. LeeKeenan offers suggestions for how families and teachers can support this important work as well as some information about holidays and respectful ways to approach the season.