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Tentative Schedule and Session Titles

Tentative Schedule









Tentative Presentation Titles 

Moments of Wonder through the Eyes of the Infant Class

Developing Rich Dialogue Around the Rights and Responsibilities of Teaching: Constructive Engagement Beyond the Classroom

Imagination as Provocation: The Relationship Among Imaginary Play, Literacy, and the Outdoors

Paint as a Mediating Experience to Build Relationships and Sense of Belonging

Writer’s Workshop: A Participatory Exchange with the Eastside Preschool Teachers

Cultivating Citizenship: Shared Ownership in the Construction of a Democratic Community

What Does it Mean to be a Westsider? Preschoolers Explore Emotions, Self-Regulation, and Sense of Belonging

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Maple: Cementing a Sense of Place through Rich Storytelling

The Language of Connections: Exploring Culture, Identity, and Sense of Place in Kindergarten