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Parent Needs Survey

Today we are launching what we hope will be the beginning of more interactive support for families. Check out the intro from Elizabeth DeMartino Newton and then head to to complete a quick, 4 question survey about your current needs as a parent. Please share this with a friend! We would love to collect as many responses from as many different families as possible.
Thanks so much for your time and we hope something we’ve shared this week has been helpful

Video transcript below:

It’s important that we acknowledge the unique form parenting is taking right now. It is a particular experience, and we at the Early Learning Center are thinking about how we can help.  We have been busy trying to share information and helpful resources with families in the UT community, the Knoxville community, and beyond! We’ve picked what we think might be supportive at this time, but we want to hear directly from you, and design our next wave of pandemic parenting resources based on what you need and what would help you the most. So this post includes a link to a brief, 4 question Google form survey. If you find yourself parenting and sheltering in place with your children and/or working at home while caring for children, please fill out this form and let us know how we can best help you!
Also, please share this post so that lots of parents are able to give us input and we can develop parent support materials that are responsive to different parenting experiences and needs. We parents are giving our all to our kiddos right now, and we really need and deserve support, too!
Thanks for following us and for interacting with us on social media- we are grateful for every member of our community and for the ability to find new ways to create human connections and to work to advocate for children and families.