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Summer Camp 2020 Announcement

Greetings, ELC Families-
We have reached the time of year when everyone is thinking about summer plans for their school-age children, and already we have fielded several questions about Campus Kids Summer Camp at the ELC. Over the years, our camp has evolved from a collaboration with Kids U to bring in younger participants, to a self-contained ELC camp requiring a significant investment of physical, personnel, and time resources each summer. Most of you know that the last two years of camp enrollment applications brought us to a new level of overwhelming interest that required we take a critical look at our program’s priorities, mission, and how camp relates to the overall purposes of the program.

With that in mind, starting in the summer of 2020, Campus Kids will focus solely on serving children who have just completed kindergarten (at the ELC or elsewhere) and will no longer include children who are rising second- and third-graders. Focusing the program this way allows camp to serve as a natural extension of the kindergarten year. In addition to meeting the needs of this focused group of children and families, the change also allows us to utilize camp and our summer resources more aligned with the other portions of our mission as a laboratory for teacher preparation, outreach, and research.

We realize this message may come as disappointing news for some. We hope our decision is timely in allowing you to pursue other options for summer care. Over the dozen years we have offered camp, we have invested effort and attention to making it a safe and meaningful experience. We learned and grew and reimagined along the way, and also faced shortcomings and obstacles that helped us to return to that which we know best–providing continuity of care with a focus on relationship and agency of the individual and the group. We believe our decision to serve our post-kindergartners exclusively will fall more in line with our programmatic strengths, mission, personnel resources, and facilities.

The Campus Kids Team