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2016 ELI Update: Infant Toddler Session Offerings


Samantha Deal | Infant/Toddler Demonstration Teacher | Sycamore Room

The Language of Light

A three-year journey of incorporating light into infant/toddler classroom and curriculum will be shared. Participants will explore a variety of light sources that were used with the children throughout the experience.

Erin Keck | Infant/Toddler Assistant Teacher | Hickory Room

The Paper Ball Project: Focusing on the Individual

Through Project Work

A toddler class engaged in an extended art project making paper balls. As their teacher observed how each child engaged with the materials in their own way, she began narrow the focus of her observation. This teacher found great value in taking the time to study only one child at a time.

Becca Jenkins & Victoria Gilbert | Older Toddler Teachers | Dogwood Room

Did You Notice That?

A Teaching Team’s Approach to Slowing Down and Looking Closer…

This session will focus on the many languages that children use to represent their knowledge and how a teaching team’s practice has evolved to better notice the natural ways that their children learn.  The teachers will share details from actual work in the classroom and how focusing on stepping back to observe more and teach less has resulted in authentic discoveries.

Lizzie Kelly | Infant/Toddler Demonstration Teacher | Hickory Room

“I Make a Muffin”

Hickory Toddlers Work with Clay

What does open ended exploration of clay look like with a group of one and two year olds? How can I encourage very young children to grow comfortable in using clay as a means of representation? These are the questions of Lizzie Kelly, a toddler teacher who has made a goal to use clay more frequently in her practice with young toddlers. Follow the Hickory class on their path of clay exploration and problem solving.

Jessie Barber & Ria Langford | Infant/Toddler Teachers | Magnolia Room

Get Out By Letting Parents In

Hear about the triumphs and trials of one infant-toddler classroom’s journey in developing a partnership with parents and a shared vision for children spending extended periods of time outdoors.